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We make 3D body scanners that scan people and extract morphological information.
Some of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms and fashion brands use our technology.



We design, develop and manufacture 3D scanning systems to suit our customers’ needs and specifications.

We also consult on 3D scanning software development and DNN-based data enhancement and data extraction methods from 3D data.

Some of our in-house software tools are also available to license to select customers.  

Who we are

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, developers, nerds, geeks and engineers from all over the world, with our company headquarters situated in Brussels, Belgium.

Our founding team: Atanas, Stephan, David, Nicolas and Cédric

Our founding team: Atanas, Stephan, David, Nicolas and Cédric



Treedy’s 3D scanners allow us to get the most accurate measurements in the business with the least amount of friction.
— Robert, project leader at a worldwide sport apparel brand
The quality of the data is orders of magnitude better than the competition at this price point and speed - truely revolutionary.
— Kyle, R&D team lead at a major online retail platform
The 3D data processing and cleaning algorithms developed by Treedy’s allow us to get high quality biometrics from commoditized 3D sensors.
— Stanislaw, researcher for an international technology company


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